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Honolulu Flat Fee Divorce Attorney

At the law office of the Honolulu Family Lawyer, our firm is prepared to handle tough divorce cases.  Sometimes what makes a case so difficult for a client is their ability to pay their legal fees.  That’s why our Honolulu family law firm offers divorce and family law services at an affordable rate for all clients.

A flat fee divorce is one that involves a low, one-time fee for specific divorce services.  If you do think that you can handle most of the details involving your divorce case, then opting for a flat fee divorce may be right for you.  In a flat fee divorce, you will receive advice on how to proceed with your divorce and the necessary legal documents.  Your Honolulu family attorney will be a present source of legal aid during your divorce, but you will affectively represent yourself.

When you are going to get a divorce, there are a lot of things that are at stake. There are so many things that need to be decided and divided. There is the issue of property, child custody and alimony. It may not be prudent for you to represent yourself in your case, but it can be if you think you only need minimal legal intrusion during your case. 

Having a good Honolulu family lawyer by your side will help to ensure that you understand what you need to do and what you are entitled to.  If you are evaluating your options for receiving a divorce in Honolulu, contact our office today to speak with a Honolulu family attorney about your case.