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Child Support in Hawaii

The judicial standard governing child custody is keeping the best interest of the child. The main focus in a contentious divorce is how the children will be affected. Guidelines for child support have been created and a set formula is applied. The income of both parents is factored in and an amount is determined. The formula cannot be changed even if one parent agrees to a smaller amount. The court sees it as what the children need and not subject to modification.

Honolulu family lawyer has years of experience working with families and child support cases. He will work with you to determine the approximate amount of the payments or receipt in your particular case.

If you want to modify a joint or sole custody order, you will need to show a material change in circumstances; something such as a marriage or a move to the mainland or other country.

Sometimes a couple can sit down and mediate a settlement without the need of a judge. This can alleviate unsatisfactory and unexpected results.

If you have questions, please contact us for an attorney consultation. We can help advise you on what would work best in your situation.

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