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Honolulu Enforcement / Contempt Attorney

Here at the law office of the Honolulu Family Attorney, our law firm is equipped to handle all manner of family law cases, including enforcement and contempt cases. 


If you have already been issued a divorce settlement agreement, child custody agreement, or other similar order handed down by the court, you have the right to enforce this agreement.  Unfortunately, ex-spouses and parents with children together sometimes find that resolving a case is easy compared to actually upholding the settlement agreement.

Our Honolulu Family Attorney can help you enforce your child support, spousal support, or even property division settlement order.  If the parent of your child is not acting within the confines of a child custody and visitation plan, our firm can also help your case.


While the Honolulu Family Attorney often recommends mediation for resolving enforcement issues, sometimes this is just not enough.  If the other party continues to refuse to cooperate, we will file to hold the party in contempt of court.

Being held in contempt of court simply means that the party is not obeying court orders.  A hearing will be called in order for a judge to determine how best to proceed.  In some cases such as repeated failure to pay child support, criminal penalties may be imposed.

Our Honolulu family attorney’s experience working with families across the city has given him unique insight into the complexities of a case like yours. If you are facing an enforcement/contempt case and would like excellent legal representation, contact our office today.

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