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Civil Paternity

Paternity of a child is automatically assumed if the parents of the child are married.  However if you are unmarried to the parent of your child, contact our office today to hear how our Honolulu Civil Paternity Lawyer can help you establish the paternity of your child.

In Hawaii, there are two ways to establish civil paternity: voluntarily or through the court’s paternity process.

Parents can voluntarily put both of their names on a newly born child’s birth certificate.  Or if paternity is being established after the mother has signed the birth certificate without the father doing so as well, a father can request that his name be added.  This process involves filing the “Voluntary Establishment of Paternity by Parents” form at the hospital where the birth occurred or with the Department of Health.  After the form has been processed, the child’s birth certificate will be updated.

In the cases where the paternity of the child is disputed or requires official notification of the father, the Child Support Enforcement Agency will file a case with the family court, naming the mother and the alleged father as defendants. 

The alleged father has the right to request a DNA test to prove that he is the father.  Once paternity has been established, the family court will settle all matters of child support, medical support, custody, and visitation.

Our Honolulu family attorney’s experience working with families across the city has given him unique insight into the complexities of a case like yours. If you are facing a civil paternity case and would like excellent legal representation, contact our office today.