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Honolulu Allocation of Debt Lawyer

The allocation of debt during a divorce will be discussed at the same time as property division. The process for dividing debt and liquid assets is the same as for physical property.

In Hawaii, judges are concerned with equitable distribution, that is, what is most fair to both spouses in a specific case. When deciding on how best to split any debt in your case, the judge will consider:

Here at the law office of the Honolulu Family Lawyer, our goal is to ensure the protection of your financial security and see to it that you receive your fair share of the assets and property you have acquired throughout your marriage. Honolulu courts will attempt to divide liabilities and assets evenly; we will ensure that the court is correct in their identification of separate property and community.

Our attorney works with financial experts to build the most solid case in your defense. We will ensure that you receive as little debt from your divorce settlement as is possible.

If you are going through a divorce and want to protect your rights to fair distribution of your assets, properties, and liabilities, call our Honolulu divorce attorney for a free consultation.