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Termination of alimony:

Generally, spousal support will be terminated if the either spouse dies or the receiving spouse gets re-married.

Other circumstances that may lead to the adjustment or elimination of spousal support include loss of employment or retirement of the paying spouse, and or a significant increase in the income of the receiving spouse.

Another more controversial issue with termination of spousal support is when the receiving spouse has taken up residency with a presumed sexual partner. Some courts believe that this is a reason for terminating support without a doubt. Other courts however, feel that it is only reasonable to terminate support if the couple are living as a married couple. A third court circuit sees it on a case by case basis. Each case is reviewed to see if there is substantial monetary support being provided by the live in partner and if the support is enough to provide for the receiving spouse in such that they do not require spousal support in order to maintain anymore.

If the courts decided to discontinue spousal support, it can never be claimed again.

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